Is Breakfast Your Enemy?

Are you one of those people who go to school or work each day without breakfast? If you are, then I don’t understand you. I can’t possibly imagine myself not eating something for 12 hours!

Even though researchers argue back and forth for years on the importance of breakfast, I was raised on the mentality that it is crucial. I just cannot go to school without eating something first!

So for anyone out there who are anti-breakfast people, I have pulled in some adorable and mouth watering pictures to show you that breakfast is your friend – not your enemy.


Rosy Winters

I am here writing to you in bed as Toronto has been experiencing some of the coldest days I have ever experienced in my 20 years of living on this planet. I think yesterday has reached temperatures of -40 C / -40 F. Sometimes with all the layers of clothes, the running noses and losing all sensations in your fingers and toes, it makes me want to spend all money on a flight to Hawaii rather than on my college tuition. But I have complied a few pictures that makes me feel that living in – what I think is the Arctic- Toronto, more bearable.