Stick It To Me, Baby

I’ve been wondering, what is the huge fascination of lip crayons, jumbo lip pencils, chubby sticks or whatever they are called? If you think about it, what do these offer that your regular lipstick don’t?

– They both come in a variety of shades and finishes

– They can be formulated as sheer stains to highly pigmented products

– Both products usually twist up and have a lid

– Both are found in high end and drug-stores brands

Either of them seem pretty comparable. However, lip crayons are usually bulkier than lipsticks.

So what’s with all the hype?
I don’t truly know why, but I prefer these lip crayons too.
It might be due to its playful shape that resembles the crayons we use to play with in kindergarten, there’s just something about lip crayons that comes across more casual and youthful than the classic lipstick.

What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of the jumbo lip crayons, or do you prefer to pretty up your lips with the traditional lipstick?


I LUSH you. Do you LUSH me too?

Growing up, I was never very into any holidays. Maybe it is the way I was brought up, as my family never really cared to do things like have a Christmas tree, make Valentines day cards or make Easter eggs. But being with my boyfriend for several years now, he introduced me to the joys of being festive and how much fun it really can be! I think I have decided that Valentines day is definitely one of my favourite holidays. It is a day where I am can be around everything pink and red and just feel like a girly princes! What girly girl doesn’t love that …?

And as a beauty lover, LUSH knows how to set the mood to a great Valentines. My favourite pick from this years Valentines collection has to be the Love Locket bath bomb. It is huge! Despite it’s more expensive price tag, it can be used twice as it has a second bath bomb in the middle. I just love how it leaves the bath water pink with cute hearts.
But even if you don’t have that special someone in your life to share Valentines with, pamper yourself! Nothing makes me feel more confident than feeling pampered and smelling fabulous. And who knows, maybe you’ll go on a night out with your girlfriend and find your prince charming 😉

My Formula X- stacy

The Formula X for Sephora Superwatts nail polishes are my new drug, my new addiction. They make me feel weak at the knees and I catch myself endlessly scrolling through the image section on Google on these bad boys.

It may be because I am a huge girly girl, but how can you take your eyes off of these colourful, chunky, sparkly glitter? The amazing gel like formula allows the polish to just glide over your nails with an even coat of colour and the perfect amount of marco glitter that glisten under the lights.  Okay, I’m getting a little dramatic and a bit carried on. But honestly, it seems that this brand has been taking over the beauty blogging community as everyone has been doing reviews on them. It seems to me that the beauty blogging community thinks that the OPI days are sooo over. Move aside everyone, Formula X is in town.

Lending A Helping Hand (Cream)

Have you noticed that hand creams seem to be less popular amongst the Western beauty community? I have tried some great formulas made by L’occitane, Crabtree and Evelyn and Ahava, but unfortunately they just lack that cute packaging Asian hand creams seem to dominate in.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t put down great hand creams because of their lacklustre packaging. However I find that sometimes when I lend out my hand cream to my friends at school, it just feels great when they compliment on how adorable the packaging is.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? I constructed a gallery of some of the cutest hand creams I have come across from Korean brands. See for yourself, you just can’t help but say “aww”.

Are You Bored Of Being Naked?

It seems as though every makeup company last year released a neutral or a “naked” palette of some sort. Obviously the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette has started this rage for several years. However with 3 Naked Palettes under their belt and a variation of some sort from brands like Wet n Wild, Coastal Scents to the higher end brands like MAC, NARS and Marc Jacobs…

The question is: Are you bored of being naked? Or are you craving to dress up those eyes with some colours?

50 Shades Of Lipsticks

I have come to a realization that we (girls and the occasional boys) are a little bit nuts. As a lover of makeup and all things beauty related, I have been pretty immune to reading about all the different shades and textures that lipsticks come in. The typical reaction when I browse through blog posts titles such as “MAC is releasing another 20 lipstick collection that is all matte?” Fun. “Limecrime now has lipsticks to match all the colours of the rainbow?” I must google swatches now!

But as an outsider and probably 98% of guy’s point of view, red is red, and why the heck would you buy a green lipstick. “Sigh” some people just don’t get it… But for anyone reading here that does, I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures to feed your lipstick craving!