I LUSH you. Do you LUSH me too?

Growing up, I was never very into any holidays. Maybe it is the way I was brought up, as my family never really cared to do things like have a Christmas tree, make Valentines day cards or make Easter eggs. But being with my boyfriend for several years now, he introduced me to the joys of being festive and how much fun it really can be! I think I have decided that Valentines day is definitely one of my favourite holidays. It is a day where I am can be around everything pink and red and just feel like a girly princes! What girly girl doesn’t love that …?

And as a beauty lover, LUSH knows how to set the mood to a great Valentines. My favourite pick from this years Valentines collection has to be the Love Locket bath bomb. It is huge! Despite it’s more expensive price tag, it can be used twice as it has a second bath bomb in the middle. I just love how it leaves the bath water pink with cute hearts.
But even if you don’t have that special someone in your life to share Valentines with, pamper yourself! Nothing makes me feel more confident than feeling pampered and smelling fabulous. And who knows, maybe you’ll go on a night out with your girlfriend and find your prince charming 😉


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