My Formula X- stacy

The Formula X for Sephora Superwatts nail polishes are my new drug, my new addiction. They make me feel weak at the knees and I catch myself endlessly scrolling through the image section on Google on these bad boys.

It may be because I am a huge girly girl, but how can you take your eyes off of these colourful, chunky, sparkly glitter? The amazing gel like formula allows the polish to just glide over your nails with an even coat of colour and the perfect amount of marco glitter that glisten under the lights.  Okay, I’m getting a little dramatic and a bit carried on. But honestly, it seems that this brand has been taking over the beauty blogging community as everyone has been doing reviews on them. It seems to me that the beauty blogging community thinks that the OPI days are sooo over. Move aside everyone, Formula X is in town.


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