50 Shades Of Lipsticks

I have come to a realization that we (girls and the occasional boys) are a little bit nuts. As a lover of makeup and all things beauty related, I have been pretty immune to reading about all the different shades and textures that lipsticks come in. The typical reaction when I browse through blog posts titles such as “MAC is releasing another 20 lipstick collection that is all matte?” Fun. “Limecrime now has lipsticks to match all the colours of the rainbow?” I must google swatches now!

But as an outsider and probably 98% of guy’s point of view, red is red, and why the heck would you buy a green lipstick. “Sigh” some people just don’t get it… But for anyone reading here that does, I hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures to feed your lipstick craving!


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